October issue of Organometallics magazine honors the late chemistry professor Greg Hillhouse

Hillhouse on Organometrics Cover

Image courtesy of cover of Organometallics


The October 12, 2015 issue of Organometallics honors Professor Greg Hillhouse, and includes an introductory tribute article by Daniel J. Mindiola, Milton R. Smith, III, and John E. Bercaw. The issue pays tribute to HIllhouse as a scholar and mentor, and touches on his numerous extra-academic pursuits, like basketball and cooking. Read the full article here

Hillhouse, who passed away on March 6, 2014, was noted for his creativity and dedication. His research focused on creating organometallic compounds to stabilize and isolate molecules that many thought could only exist briefly during a catalytic reaction.

His determination led him to synthesize the “Double Nickel---“a nickel molecule with multiple bonds to nitrogen--- which many had until then dismissed as impossible.  This discovery also cemented his reputation not only for creativity but for challenging convention.  The results opened up the world of late-stage molecules not only in chemistry but also biology, pharmaceuticals and even space travel.

Not only a great innovator, but a dedicated mentor and teacher, Hillhouse is perhaps remembered most poignantly by his undergraduate and graduate students. His passion for teaching resulted in his being awarded the 1997 Quantrell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and the 2011 Norman Maclean Faculty Award.

Biographical information courtesy of March 2014 UChicagoNews article.