U Chicago students place in top five positions at the Illinois Technology Association Tech Challenge

The Illinois Technology Association runs a yearly competition called the
Tech Challenge, where Computer Science and Computer Engineering students
from schools in Illinois compete in a series of software development
challenges using various programming languages like C++ and Java. 

After a qualifying round held in October at several schools in Illinois,
eleven UChicago students advanced to the final round of the Tech
Challenge, where they competed against top students from Northwestern,
UIUC, and other Illinois schools.

The final exam of the Tech Challenge took place last Friday, and of the top five positions in the TechChallenge, UChicago students placed in 1st, 4th, and 5th positions!

The students from Physical Sciences who placed in the top are: 

  • First place: Nikolas Anderson
  • Fourth place: Frank Luan
  • Fifth place: Mengyu Zhang

In addition to a cash prize, those who placed in the top were also granted interviews with several top tech companies in the area looking for interns and full time staff. In the six years the Tech Challenge has been held, this is the fifth year that a UChicago student takes the 1st place in the challenge.