Core Facilities

Analytical Services

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

Facility Manager: 
Antoni Jurkiewicz | Office: Searle E340F | 773.834.7420

X-Ray Crystallography

Facility Manager: 
Alex Filatov | Office: SCL402 | 773.834.5861
Bruker Analytical X-ray System; Smart Apex CCD based single crystal diffractometer.

Mass Spectroscopy

Facility Director: 
Dr. Chang-Jin Qin | Office: SCL 340C | 773.834.8905

Chromatography and Mass Spectrometers

  • Agilent 6540 Q-Tof MS-MS with nanoLC-Chip for metabolite ID, discovery proteomics, metabolomics and etc. in GCIS E240
  • Agilent 6460 Triple Quad MS-MS with 1290 UHPLC for MRM Quantitation in GCIS E240
  • Bruker Ultraflextreme MALDI-Tof-Tof for Non-volatile Organics, Polymers, Peptides and Proteins in GCIS E240
  • Varian Saturn 2000 GCMS/MS for Volatile and Semi-volatile Samples in Searle 340
  • Agilent 6224 Tof-MS for Accurate Mass Analyses in Searle 340
  • Agilent 6130 LCMS for Molecular Weight Confirmation in GCIS 449
  • Varian Saturn 2200 GCMS/MS for Volatile and Semi-volatile Samples in GCIS E449
  • Agilent 7890B GC with FID and TCD Detectors for Gas Samples in GCIS E411

IR Instrumentation:

  • Thermo Nicolet 6700 Mid-FTIR in SCL 340
  • Thermo NEXUS 670 Near-, Far-, and Mid-FTIR with ATR Accessory (for Powder Samples) in GCIS E449 

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry:

    • Agilent 700 Series ICP-OES for Metal Elemental Analyses in GCIS E247C: Managed by Professor Dmitri Talapin, e-mail:; phone: (773) 834-2607.
    • Agilent 7700x ICP-MS for Metal Elemental Analyses in GCIS E547C: Managed by Professor Wenbin Lin, e-mail:; Phone: (773) 834-7163.
    Publication Acknowledgments:
  • Please acknowledge the NSF instrumentation grant CHE-1048528 in publications that include results or spectra obtained at the Mass Spectrometry Facility

Central Shop

The Central Shop’s machinists build precision instruments for University scientists. Although housed in the Physical Sciences Division, the shop’s services are available to scientists and physicians campus-wide.

Gordon Ward | | 773.702.7247

Cleanroom and Nanofabrication Facility

Facility Manager: Dr. Wook Jun Nam | | 773.795.2297

The Searle Cleanroom and Nanofabrication Facility is open to all UChicago researchers. The cleanroom houses a variety of deposition, lithography and device characterization tools in Class 100/1000 space. In adjacent space are facilities for handling chemical and biological samples, and a soft lithography laboratory.

Cylinders Gas

Cylinder Gas Operations handles the purchasing, distribution, and billing for all cylinder gases sold on campus, but not Argonne or Yerkes. They can assist with questions and assistance regarding gas selection, purity, mixtures, hardware, availability and lead times, and connections/hookups. Orders are placed and delivered daily, with most lead times being 1 – 3 days for non-specialty items.

For billing inquiries: 
Marcos Mendez, Supervisor | | 773.702.7353
For orders:

EFI Electronic Shop

The role of the “e-shop” is to work with students and faculty members on cutting edge electronic design. The policy of the e-shop is to have graduate students design, route, build and test boards under the supervision of an electronics engineer. Along with faculty and students at The University of Chicago, students and scientists from other institutions also are invited to use the facilities of the shop for their own designs. Past electronics systems designed and built in the e-shop are currently being used in experiments worldwide.

Engineering Center

The Engineering and Technical Support Group (ETSG) can help users plan, design, build, and test mechanical apparatus for groundbreaking research projects. Contact.

Graphic Arts

A full-service print shop and a professional design studio, with a staff of award-winning graphic designers well-versed in the latest technologies.