Distinguished Soft-Matter Visitor Program at the University of Chicago

The University of Chicago soft-matter community is pleased to bring exciting long-term visitors to the University with the aim of fostering interactions with faculty, postdocs and students across campus. 


Tonia Hsieh

Tonia Hsieh is an associate professor in biology from Temple University.  Her research addresses two major themes: 1) how unpredictable or unstable surface properties affect locomotor behavior and control; and 2) how ecology and habitat structure influence morphological evolution. While at Chicago, Tonia and her postdoc are investigating the stresses experienced by animal feet when they impact and penetrate into granular material.




Lenka ZdeborováLenka Zdeborová is a member of the Institut de Physique Theorique inCEA/ Saclay. Her work has focused on the relationship between the microscopic (local) and macroscopic (global) properties of complex systems composed of a large number of interacting elements. In particular, she has exploited techniques developed in studies of disordered systems such as spin and structural glasses to systems such as constraint-satisfaction problems.



Denis BartoloDenis Bartolo is a professor of Physics at the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon who has made contributions in experiments and theory of collective phenomena in soft and active matter. His broad research interests include emergent collective motion in both active colloidal fluids and biological systems, traffic flows in disordered media, and topological aspects of solid and fluid mechanics.                                                                                                             



Susan CoppersmithSusan Coppersmith is a professor at the University of Wisconsin in Madison working to understand the fundamental properties of a variety of systems that are far from thermal equilibrium.  Her work spans both hard and soft condensed matter physics.

Campus address:  GCIS E115.