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Division of the Physical Sciences

PSD students participate in divisional social programming through the PSD Social Committee, as well as advising the Deans on student issues through the Deans' Student Advisory Committee and representing PSD students to the Student Government through Graduate Council

PSD Deans' Student Advisory Committee (DSAC)

DSAC consists of a graduate student representative from each program in the PSD and Deputy Dean, Mike Hopkins, and Dean of Students, Miranda Swanson. Discussion is typically lively, candid, and wide-ranging. Committee meetings give PSD students an advisory voice in the division's administration and an opportunity to comment on how institutional policies and plans affect student life. Likewise, they provide the deans with an opportunity to explain institutional policies to the students and to learn first-hand about student concerns.

Contact your program's representatives with any issues you think should be brought to the PSD Deans.

2014-2015 Representatives

Grad Council (GC)

The Graduate Council is the graduate student half of Student Government (SG) at the University. It is made up of representatives from the graduate divisions and professional schools. Every division/school is guaranteed at least one seat and seats are added per 500 students in each unit. PSD can currently seat 2 representatives.

The 2014-2015 Chair of GC is Anthony Martinez in Chemistry.

2014-2015 PSD GC Reps 

These positions are currently vacant. Contact Anthony Martinez if you are interested.

2013-2014 PSD GC Reps

  • Anthony Martinez (Chemistry)
  • Noumaan Shamsi (Chemistry)

ATLAS Detector

Used in High Energy Physics experiments to study proton-proton collisions.

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Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy

Henry Moore’s statue Nuclear Energy, with the Regenstein Library and Max Palevsky residence hall in background.

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Starry Sky

The night sky seems to hold an infinite amount of stars. Astronomy and Astrophysics

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