Congratulations to Andy Isaacs for the 2016 ICTM Max Beberman Mathematics Educator Award!

Congratulations to Andy Isaacs, who was selected to receive the 2016 ICTM Max Beberman Mathematics Educator Award. The list of Beberman Award winners includes the most esteemed mathematics educators in Illinois over the past 45 years, also among them CEMSE’s Zalman Usiskin, who won the award in 1981.

The Beberman Award honors educators in Illinois who have made significant contributions to mathematics education through research, curriculum design, or teacher education. The award was established 1971 in honor of Max Beberman, a long-time mathematics teacher at the University of Illinois’ Laboratory High School and founder, in 1951, of the University of Illinois Committee on School Mathematics (UICSM). Under his leadership UICSM went on to develop courses for middle and high school mathematics based on principles that have since become standard in reform math curricula.

Andy joined the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project (UCSMP) in 1995. An author on the second edition of Everyday Mathematics, he has led the development of all subsequent editions. He is now co-director of CEMSE and Senior Research Associate in the Physical Sciences Division at the University of Chicago.