PSD Council

The Physical Sciences Division Council

The Physical Sciences Division Council was established in 1964. The Council serves as one of fourteen active Advisory Councils created to represent the academic units at the University of Chicago. The Council enjoys an unfiltered view into the research and priorities of the Division. This understanding equips members to be the Division’s primary advocates, volunteers, and advisors working to enhance the future of science at the University of Chicago and throughout the world.

Members of the Council have four key responsibilities to the Division:

  1. Active and Consistent Participation
  2. Advice to the Dean
  3. Support for Fundraising Efforts
  4. Personal Philanthropy

PSD Council Members

Carol Bernstein Eckstein
Rick Black
Anthony Capozzoli 
Matthew Cushman 
C. Bryan Daniels 
William Eckhardt
Michael Fain
Hiroshi Fujiwara
Lawrence Furnstahl 
Adele Goldberg
Hermann Grunder
H. Fisk Johnson 
Dietrich Kappe
Arthur Kelly*
Karen Kerr
Steven Kersten*
Alec Litowitz 
Walter Massey 
John McCarter Jr.*
Stefan Murry
Neil Novich
Catherine Odelbo
Angela Olinto
Arne Olson
John Peoples
Conrad Plimpton
Harvey Plotnick*
Nick Pritzker
Jeffery Puschell
Dr. Geetha Rao
Louise Rehling
Robert Rosner 
Colin Rust
Reuben Sandler
Richard Schaar
Sachio Semmoto
Yuji Suzuki 
Joan Winstein
Mihir Worah
Chris Yen 

*indicates life members