Doctoral students in the Physical Sciences Division are strongly encouraged to apply for fellowships during their graduate student careers in order to practice the process of identifying, applying for, and securing funding which is an integral part of the academic enterprise.

Identification of Funding Opportunities

Students should talk to their faculty and get recommendations on what to apply for and when. Most departments have a faculty member dedicated to graduate student support. Talking to this person is a good place to start. Postdocs, who have more recently been graduate students, can also be a valuable source of information.

Applying for Funding

  • NOMINATION:  Some very high profile fellowships involve a nomination process. Examples include the HHMI International Student Research Fellowship and the PSD Harper Dissertation Fellowship.
  • DIRECT APPLICATION:  In most cases, you can apply directly to fellowship competitions.

Application Support

  • UChicagoGRAD has staff that advise on fellowship applications.
  • Your department/program and division work with UChicagoGRAD and other campus partners to sponsor workshops specifically for PSD students. Your department/program student affairs staff person will keep you informed of these kinds of events. 


We encourage students to let us know when they have won fellowships. Featuring current winners helps those students following in your footsteps to identify new funding opportunities.