The PSD Pathway Scholarship

New PSD Pathway Scholarship Provides Fully-Funded Opportunities to MS-PSD Program

It has been a long tradition of the University of Chicago to support students in its Master of Science in the Physical Sciences Division (MS-PSD) program with tuition assistance, PhD preparation support, individualized curriculums, and research opportunities. Now, these program components will be offered in a formal scholarship package with the newly announced PSD Pathway Scholarship, designed to help develop a new and diverse generation of young scientists. This pilot initiative has been launched through a generous contribution from a member of the PSD Council.

The PSD Pathway Scholarship is a fully-funded award to attend MS-PSD program that offers full tuition support as well as a stipend.

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Two scholarship awards for the MS-PSD program will be presented for the 2018-2019 academic year. A highly individualized and flexible graduate program, students in the MS-PSD program create customized programs of study in various areas of the physical sciences. The program is ideal for students who are interested in building their research or looking for more coursework and experience prior to pursuing a PhD.

“Our MS-PSD program offers a flexible path into postgraduate studies across a broad range of physical sciences,” said Craig Hogan, Deputy Dean for Special Initiatives in the Physical Sciences Division. “By working together as a division, our departments can help each other to launch the careers of a new generation of diverse talent across the physical sciences.”

Claudio Cropped Small (438x768)_0.jpgClaudio Gonzales (SM ’15) came to the program from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, a small school based in Socorro, New Mexico. Originally, Gonzales wanted to study engineering or physics, however, his interests switched to mathematics later in his undergraduate career. Now studying for his Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Chicago, Gonzales says he wouldn’t be able to pursue his doctorate degree without the MS-PSD program.

“I could have ended up at a pretty decent school doing some pretty good math, but it would have been so much work to just get looked at,” said Gonzales. “All the services the MS-PSD program offered, it was mind-blowing. That’s why I am where I am now.”

Applications for the PSD Pathway Scholarship are due March 4th, but priority consideration will be given to students who apply by February 14th. Any trick to standing out among all the other applicants? Not needed, said Deputy Dean Hogan. “We will be seeking capable and committed scholars, where the scholarship will make a transformational difference to a career. Qualified applicants who especially need to build confidence in science research skills should plan to apply.” 

If you are interested in learning more about the PSD Pathway Scholarship or the application process, please join us for an online information session. Session participants will also be provided an application fee waiver code.