PSD Social Committee

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The PSD Social Committee (PSD-SC) sponsors social, recreational, and cultural events for graduate students in the Physical Sciences Division to encourage a healthy work-life balance. All students are welcome and encouraged to participate! Overseen by the PSD Dean of Students Office, the committee appropriates a portion of the Division's quarterly student life fee. The PSD-SC also funds Happy Hour and helps sponsor the summer softball league. The Board is made up of three PSD student volunteers elected annually to serve calendar-year terms. To learn more about how to get involved or view upcoming events, visit the PSD-SC website or Facebook page.

Board Members


Brad Studnitzer, President
Adam Antoszewski, Treasurer
Ram Itani, Secretary


Airi KawamuraPresident
Sarah ZinnTreasurer
Laura WatkinsSecretary


Rhys Povey, President
Becca Thompson, Treasurer
Darren Veit, Secretary


Rhys Povey, President
Becca Thompson, Treasurer
Darren Veit, Secretary


Sara Massey, President
Darren Veit, Treasurer
Erica Sturm, Secretary


Andrew Sand, President
Zack Hund, Treasurer
Robin Walters, Secretary


Charles Heffern, President
Zack Hund, Treasurer
Andrew Sand, Secretary


Andreea Stuparu, President
Raman Shah, Treasurer
Gaby Avila-Bront, Secretary