PSD Social Committee

The PSD Social Committee plans social, athletic, and cultural events for students in the Physical Sciences Division. Overseen by the PSD Dean of Students Office, the committee appropriates the Division's share of the quarterly student life fee. The committee is made up of PSD student volunteers and all PSD students are welcome to participate. A board (president, treasurer, secretary) is elected at the autumn meeting and serves a term from January to December. The committee meets at least once per quarter, more often as needed, to approve proposed events. Any student in PSD may propose an event whether or not they are able to attend the quarterly committee meeting. If an event is approved, the student who submitted the proposal is responsible for all communications, arrangements, and oversight of the event. Past events have included theater, plays, ballet, comedy, sports games, paintball, skiing trips, food/beverage festivals, game nights, and bowling. Students can stay informed on upcoming events by checking email and following the Facebook page.

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Friday Happy Hours

The PSD Social Committee runs a weekly Happy Hour (beer, pizza, chicken, and soda) each Friday during the autumn, winter, and spring quarters. Subject to weekly availability it generally takes place at 5:30pm in the GCIS 3rd floor atrium, an email with details is sent weekly.

Organizer - Rhys Povey

Softball League

Over the summer the PSD, together with the BSD and IME, run a joint co-ed softball league on Friday evenings with the season starting half way through spring quarter and concluding just before autumn quarter. There are currently 13 teams split roughly by department, players looking to join a team should contact team captains before the start of the season.

More information, including the list of team captains, can be found on the softball league website.

Commissioner - Andrew McNeece

Guidelines for Organizing an Event


Before proposing your event to the PSDSC board try to answer the following questions.

  1. Has this event ever been run before? If so, who organized it and what was the interest level? You can check the PSDSC events document here.
  2. How much is the ticket cost per attendee?
  3. How many tickets do you expect to sell?
  4. Is a bus required for transport to outside the city? Note that a school bus can take a maximum of 46 passengers.
  5. When would the event take place? You can check against other planned events here.

Event Proposal

Once you have an idea of the costs and time of your event you can propose it to the PSDSC.

Event proposal form

  1. Attend the next quarterly meeting (beginning of every quarter) and talk directly to the committee to propose your event. Lunch is provided!
  2. Fill out a proposal form here. This will help us track the event.
  3. If you're unable to attend the meeting, or your planned event is in the immediate future, email the PSD-SC board (see email addresses at the bottom of the page) with your event details for approval. Please also complete a proposal form in addition to emailing the PSD-SC board.


With approval from the board, you are now ready to start buying.

  1. Purchase tickets for the event using personal finances, be sure to keep all the receipts to get reimbursed.
  2. If you're getting a bus contact the Illinois School Bus Company on 708 389 4545. The pick up point is generally outside GCIS: 929 East 57th Street. Billing can be made to Shirley Proby at the University of Chicago.
  3. At least a few weeks before the event send an email to the PSDSC secretary with an advertisement for your event. Include all the details about the event and a time/place you're going to sell tickets. For events with particularly high demand alternative means of ticket selling may be required.
  4. Sell your tickets at the designated time and place. Record the names and emails of everyone coming, as well as the ticket number if applicable. PSDSC policy is that each PSD student may purchase up to 2 tickets. If there is excess demand take down a waiting list in case there are cancellations, or if you're able to purchase more tickets (contact the PSDSC board first).
  5. As the event organizer you are entitled to 2 free tickets for yourself.

Running the Event

It's time for your event to happen.

  1. If you need to email your attendees additional information or reminders about the event, do so a day in advance.
  2. Attend your event!
  3. If you got a bus ensure everyone gets onboard. At the completion of the trip tip the bus driver 10% of the bus cost, take this out of the money you collected from ticket sales.

Settling Finances

Within a week of your event you should submit all the necessary financial forms. Keep ticket cost to reimbursement money, and ticket sale to deposit money separate.

  1. Complete an online form to request reimbursments and submit your receipts. This step can be done before your event if desired.
  2. Visit the Dean of Students Office (ERC 307) pick up a cash deposit form. Money collected from ticket sales (cash) needs to be deposited at the Maroon Financial Credit Union office at 5525 S Ellis Ave, Suite C (tucked behind the parking garage and near Court theater). Department is PSD-DOS, department number 431, account number 9-52314-3000, and the contact is you.
  3. Using the link from your original event submission email, please update the form with any changes and fill out the items on the last page.

Board Members


Airi KawamuraPresident
Sarah ZinnTreasurer
Laura WatkinsSecretary


Rhys Povey, President
Becca Thompson, Treasurer
Darren Veit, Secretary


Rhys Povey, President
Becca Thompson, Treasurer
Darren Veit, Secretary


Sara Massey, President
Darren Veit, Treasurer
Erica Sturm, Secretary


Andrew Sand, President
Zack Hund, Treasurer
Robin Walters, Secretary


Charles Heffern, President
Zack Hund, Treasurer
Andrew Sand, Secretary


Andreea Stuparu, President
Raman Shah, Treasurer
Gaby Avila-Bront, Secretary