Resources for Student Input



  • Students may schedule individual student meetings with the Director of Graduate Studies/Executive Officer/Graduate Concerns Committee and/or the Department Chair or Program Director.
  • Other formal mechanisms include departmental town halls and/or ombudspersons.


University of Chicago

PSD Deans' Student Advisory Committee (DSAC)

DSAC is comprised of one graduate student representative from each program in the PSD, faculty Deputy Deans, and the Dean of Students. Discussion is typically lively, candid, and wide-ranging.  Committee meetings give PSD students an advisory voice in the division's administration and an opportunity to comment on how institutional policies and plans affect student life. Likewise, they provide the deans with an opportunity to explain institutional policies to the students and to learn first-hand about student concerns.  Contact your program's representatives with any issues you think should be brought to DSAC. 

DSAC also sponsors Pizza|Science|Discussion each quarter.

2018-2019 Representatives:

The Graduate Council (GC)

The Graduate Council is the representative student government for graduate students, making up half of the Assembly of the Student Government of the University of Chicago. It is comprised of representatives chosen by the various professional and graduate divisions.

2018-19 PSD GC Reps: