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Division of the Physical Sciences

Rock layers
Geophysical Sciences: Rock layers reveal beauty at the center of the earth. (click to enlarge)
South Pole Telescope
Astronomy and Astrophysics: South Pole Telescope, photo by Tom Crawford, SPT Blog. (click to enlarge)
Chemistry nanomaterials
Chemistry: semiconductor and magnetic nanomaterials synthesized by colloidal techniques. Courtesy Prof. Talapin. (click to enlarge)
Computer circuit board
Computer Science: flexible circuit board from a laptop. (click to enlarge) (creative commons image)
Math formula
Mathematics: formula on a blackboard.
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Physics: Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, photo by Michael Kappel. (click to enlarge) (creative commons image)
Statistics image
Statistics: map showing U.S. unemployment rate, 2008, by Scott Drzyzga. (click to enlarge) (creative commons image)


Knotty Thrills

YouTube Video Capture

NOVA video: Physics professor William Irvine, along with postdoctoral researcher Dustin Kleckner and graduate student Martin Sheeler untie the 150 year old puzzle of liquid knots.