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Rock layers
Geophysical Sciences: Rock layers reveal beauty at the center of the earth. (click to enlarge)
South Pole Telescope
Astronomy and Astrophysics: South Pole Telescope, photo by Tom Crawford, SPT Blog. (click to enlarge)
Chemistry nanomaterials
Chemistry: semiconductor and magnetic nanomaterials synthesized by colloidal techniques. Courtesy Prof. Talapin. (click to enlarge)
Computer circuit board
Computer Science: flexible circuit board from a laptop. (click to enlarge) (creative commons image)
Math formula
Mathematics: formula on a blackboard.
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Physics: Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, photo by Michael Kappel. (click to enlarge) (creative commons image)
Statistics image
Statistics: map showing U.S. unemployment rate, 2008, by Scott Drzyzga. (click to enlarge) (creative commons image)


The Power of Curiosity

Outer space. Credit: Ken Crawford / Wikimedia CommonsCredit: Ken Crawford / Wikimedia Commons

Michael Turner, the Rauner Distinguished Service Professor and director of the Kavli Institute of Cosmological Physics, discusses how the power of curiosity has led to another giant leap in scientific advancement. Read more »